Join the campaign to draft Cecil Clarke for PC Party leader!

We came close to winning the last election, and we need a Leader who can finish the job and lead us to victory. We need a Leader who is ready to be our Premier. Cecil Clarke is that Leader.

Resume over rhetoric

In today’s political climate, we need a proven Leader who knows how to get things done. As a senior minister in Dr. John Hamm’s PC government, Cecil delivered the historic Nova Scotia Offshore Accord – and the hundreds of millions of dollars that came with it for our province.  As the now twice-elected mayor of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, he slashed the debt and attracted new jobs.  

His resume speaks for itself.  Cecil knows how to get things done.  Let’s tell Cecil we want him to be our Leader!

A true Progressive Conservative

Cecil Clarke is dedicated to our party.  He has been involved in campaigns since he was young, has put his name on the ballot for our party and has won.  He has fought for Conservative principles his entire life – he knows our party, and we know him – because he’s one of us.

In tough times for our Party, he stepped up and put his name on the ballot as a Progressive Conservative – and won!  

He’s the right person to lead us.  

How else can I help Cecil?

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This is a grassroots effort and we need your help to spread the word!

Who we are is a grassroots effort started by Nova Scotia PCers who know Cecil is our best bet to win the next election and provide our province the leadership it so desperately needs.

Quotes from those who want to Draft Cecil:

“In John Hamm’s government, Cecil was one of the most effective voices in caucus and at the cabinet table. He can think on his feet and has what it takes to defeat the Liberals.”

Bill Langille

Former MLA, Colchester North

“Cecil Clarke has the respect of our party members from across the province and is able to unite and lead us as a team.”

Donna Malone

President, Lunenburg West PC Association

“I sat in caucus and cabinet with Cecil Clarke. Time and time again, he demonstrated leadership and wasn’t afraid to get down in the trenches on the big, important files that made a difference in the lives of Nova Scotians. He will be an excellent Premier.”

Hon. Brooke Taylor

Former MLA for the beautiful Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley

“Cecil Clarke’s single focus as an MLA, Cabinet Minister, Speaker of the Legislature and now as Mayor has been to better the lives of the people he is elected to serve. Nova Scotia needs Cecil as our next Premier.”

Joyce MacDougall

2017 PC Campaign Coordinator for Cape Breton

“Anyone who has seen Cecil speak knows of his abilities to connect with a crowd and to unify a team. He is the best choice to lead our party to victory in the next election.”

Shirley MacLeod

Card-carrying Progressive Conservative

“The leadership election is not just who leads us as Progressive Conservatives – it’s about choosing our next Premier. Cecil Clarke is ready for the job.”

Sherri Richard

Secretary, Colchester North PC Association

“I’m all in for Cecil Clarke! He is a Leader with experience and vision. He has the right stuff to turn our province around!”

Kyle MacIsaac

Card Carrying Progressive Conservative in Bedford

“Cecil played a pivotal role in delivering the Nova Scotia Offshore Accord. His ability to work with others helped Nova Scotia then and clearly demonstrates his ability to lead our province now.”

Gerald Keddy

Former MP for South Shore - St. Margaret's

“Cecil Clarke has been a friend of Cumberland County Progressive Conservatives like me for many years. We need to convince him to run for PC Party Leader!”

Dan Spence

Card-carrying Progressive Conservative in Cumberland South

“Cecil Clarke knows how to win in urban areas – as a Conservative. He’s the kind of leader we need to keep growing the PC Party in Metro Halifax.”

Richard Norman

Past President, Halifax Armdale PC Association

“Cecil Clarke has has a unique ability to connect with a crowd and inspire people. He’s a strong, loyal Tory and he can lead our Party to victory in the next election.”

Russell Fisher

Card-carrying Progressive Conservative in Cumberland South

“Real leaders know it takes a strong team to get the job done. Cecil Clarke is the strongest team builder I know. We need him leading our great Party.”

Edna Lee

Card-carrying Progressive Conservative in Cape Breton Center

“With Cecil Clarke, young Tories will play a leading role in shaping the future of our Party. I encourage all young Progressive Conservatives to join me on the campaign to draft Cecil Clarke for PC Party leader!”

Riley Godfrey

PC Youth Member at Saint Mary's University

“Under Cecil’s leadership, the PC Party will win the next election. He has our full support. We need to draft Cecil!”

Troy and Jody Henwood

Card-carrying Progressive Conservatives in Cumberland South

“Cecil Clarke has succeeded in everything he has ever tackled. He was a stellar cabinet minister, an outstanding mayor, and, if we draft him, he’ll be a terrific Premier. We need him to run for PC leader.”

Louie Piovesan

CB Candidate of Record

“Experience matters. Cecil Clarke is ready to serve as Premier on Day One. The PC Party would be well served with him as our leader.”

Pat Nickerson

President, Queens-Shelburne PC Association

“What makes Cecil stand out is his ability to work with people of all political stripes to get the job done. He’s a true listener and one of the best team builders I know. We need him as our Leader and Nova Scotia’s Premier.”

Hon. Judy Streatch

Former MLA, Chester St. Margaret's

“We need a leader who can unite all Nova Scotians, from Sydney to Yarmouth. Cecil Clarke is that leader. If he runs, he has my full support in the upcoming leadership race.”

Trevor Cunningham

President, Yarmouth PC Association

“Cecil Clarke understands city issues and knows how to win over urban voters. To crack Halifax and form a Progressive Conservative government, we need Cecil Clarke as our Leader.”

David Henderson

Card-carrying Progressive Conservative in Halifax Chebucto

“To win the next election, Progressive Conservatives must choose a leader with experience. Cecil Clarke is ready to be Premier and he has my full support.”

Cameron MacKeen

Former National Vice President, Conservative Party of Canada

“Cecil Clarke knows how to fire up a crowd and inspire people to take action. Plus, he’s the only candidate with the experience necessary to be Premier.”

Jon Carey

Former MLA for Kings West

“My parents were long-time PC Party volunteers. They strongly supported Cecil because, like me, they witnessed first hand his ability to lead and inspire. I know he has the experience necessary to turn Nova Scotia around! I’m proud to follow in the tradition of my parents and support Cecil Clarke.”

Laurie MacIntosh

PC Party Candidate of Record in Sydney-Whitney Pier

“When the PC Party forms government after the next election, we need a Premier with experience who can hit the ground running. I’m supporting Cecil Clarke, a true Premier-in-waiting.”

Cathy Clark

Card carrying Progressive Conservative in Argyle-Barrington

“Cecil Clarke has been a senior Cabinet Minister, run a government and won elections in urban areas. His resume speaks for itself. We need him to lead the PC Party into the next election!”

Sean and Sandy Phillips

Card-carrying Progressive Conservatives in Halifax Chebucto

“Cecil Clarke bridges the divide between new Party members and long-time Progressive Conservatives. As our Leader, he will rise above the politics of division and unite all Nova Scotians behind a positive vision for the future.”

Connor Lund

PC Youth Member at Saint Mary's University

“Being new to the PC Party, I didn’t know what to expect when I met Cecil Clarke for the first time. Instantly I was captivated by his grasp of the issues, optimistic outlook and genuine passion for making Nova Scotia better. We need Cecil Clarke as our leader and Nova Scotia’s next Premier!”

Monica Kennedy

Card-carrying Progressive Conservative in Antigonish

“Under Cecil Clarke’s leadership, CBRM has turned a corner by paying down the debt, creating new jobs and attracting private sector investment. Imagine what he could do for Nova Scotia! We need Cecil Clarke’s experience, grit and determination in the Premier’s Office.”

James Kerr

Card-Carrying Progressive Conservative in Glace Bay

“At this critical time in Nova Scotia, we need proven experience to overcome the many challenges we face. A solid resume, paired with real results, is why I’m putting my name behind Cecil Clarke to lead our great Party.”

Neal MacDonald

Young Progressive Conservative at Cape Breton University

“Cecil Clarke checks all the boxes – experience, vision and a long-standing commitment to Progressive Conservative values. He’s the best choice to lead our Party into the next election and lead Nova Scotia to prosperity.”

Penny Morash (Gilbert)

Card-carrying Progressive Conservative in Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage

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